Health Program

Total Health Program


The Total health is program designed for everybody who cares about health and is aware how current environment and stress impacts health and quality of life.

It is build on the base of current scientific knowledge and holistic point of view. Treating a human being as whole. From biological point of view, good functioning of bloodstream and lymphatic system is a key factor for homeostasis of our whole body and mind.

First step is to help with stimulation of capillary bloodstream to activate natural self healing abilities of our body.

More than 70 percent human circulatory are vessels under 500 micrometers in diameter .They make the so-called capillary system. What we need to bear in mind is that the capillary system is completely independent. In practice it means that it is not in control of to the central nervous system.

The basic function of the capillaries is transport. Bringing in revitalising substances and removing unnecessary metabolic products along with the oxygenation of our body. The disorder of these processes leads to so-called silent inflammation. They constitute the starting point for most diseases known to us.

Through stimulation of capillary system and support of the body, we help in the restoration of natural homeostasis and intensification of self-healing processes.


The Total Health program is based on stimulation of the micro-circulation system with the necessary support of the body's needs. Stimulation is carried out with the help of medical equipment. Due to the use of medical equipment, it is necessary to maintain discipline in order to achieve the desired effects. Discipline means having a certain number of therapeutic sessions at specific intervals of time. The statement is a formal legal and ethical requirement related to the client's security. Due to the use of medical equipment, the client's statement about the state of health and lack of contraindications are necessary. The assumed duration of therapy is 6 weeks, 5 to 7 sessions within 1 week involving stimulation of the whole body. In justified cases, local stimulation of the micro-circulation may be necessary, which means additional therapy sessions. Where local stimulation is needed, we should apply it to selected/injured fragment of the body surface.


The use of the Total Health program is very wide.This means that it can be used as a support for treatment or an independent therapy. Another option is to support sports activities or/and recovery. Stimulation of micro-vascular system support the sports activity through acceleration of the regeneration processes.

Examples of some discomforts mitigated or removed by stimulation of micro-vascular system . The following examples do not exhaust the list of possible ailments for which micro-vascular stimulation can be used.

Examples of such diseases, included but not limited to , are :

  • Acute and chronic pain,
  • Chronic degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system,
  • Chronic fatigue (eg in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis),
  • Chronic metabolic disorders (eg diabetes, dyslipidemia),
  • Chronic wound healing disorders,
  • Diseases causing deterioration of the quality of life,
  • Organ failure: liver dysfunction, multi-organ failure,
  • Peripheral artery disease,

Beneficial effects of therapy, included but not limited to, are :

  • improving the quality and thinning of blood
  • strengthening myocardium
  • strengthening the action of neurotransmitters
  • activation of the potassium sodium pump
  • balancing the acid-base economy
  • increase in immunity
  • increasing the oxygenation of the body
  • Stimulation of protein synthesis
  • removal of free radicals


The Total Health Program does not treat ailments directly. Instead it improves some key physiological parameters by improving blood circulation and through delivery necessary nutrition.The blood circulation is improving in the smallest blood vessels the so-called micro-circulation.

The result often is an improved healing process of many ailments chronic conditions as well as pain relief.The Total Health Program if of benefit for any condition where an improved nutrition and micro-circulation can make all the difference.

The Total Health Program does not negate proper diagnosis by a medical practitioner and medical diagnosis always be sought first.